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Rise in Oil Field Injuries

In 2006 almost half a million people in the United States worked in jobs related to the oil & gas industry and another 400,000 workers were employed in drilling on both offshore and land drilling and work-over rigs.

The growth of the oil and gas industry has correlated with an increase in the rates of fatal and non-fatal occupational injuries. The use of inexperienced workers who are not sufficiently trained in safety and precautionary measures, along with the industry pressure to rush to production resulting in shortcuts or a failure to follow safe practices on the part of the companies have contributed to the increases.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 600 oil field workers died on the job between the years 2002-2007. During that period the number of deaths rose from 72 in 2002 to 125 in 2006 – roughly a 70% increase. The fatality rate among drilling workers was nearly 8 times the national average of other workers in the United States between the years 2002-2007.

The rise in injuries and fatalities is attributed to the rise in inexperienced workers working long hours and the use of older equipment with fewer modern safeguards. The fatality rates were higher in newer fields in Wyoming and the rocky Mountains than established drilling states like Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

If you are a loved one, a family member or friend has been injured in the oil and gas industry or from a trucking accident related to the industry it may be important protect your legal rights and contact an attorney with the experience, expertise and knowledge to protect you and your family.

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