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Pagel Weikum - Attorney at Law

Cole, Cole & Easley and Pagel Weikum Case Makes Front Page of New York Times

Cole, Easley, Sciba & Williams and Pagel Weikum settled the Andrew Rohr case during the second day of trial. The case, which involved the burn in jury of Plaintiff Andy Rohr caused by a blow-out, received national attention when it was featured in a front page story in the New York Times.

Asked if they had strong feelings about the oil boom, almost all, even those who saw the positive, raised their hands to say they thought it had had negative consequences, too. A landowner referred to oil sludge buried and flares burning on her property, a nurse to injured oil workers treated at her clinic, an oil field technician to a “hurry up and wait world” that put profits first.

The next morning, a settlement was reached.

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