Texas tough, Dakota strong

Pagel Weikum - Attorney at Law

North Dakota Oil Field Accident Attorneys

Williams, PLLC and Pagel Weikum are Texas and North Dakota based law firm who have combined to represent victims of oil field accidents, oil field trucking accidents and to represent landowners damaged by the practices of the oil & gas industry in North Dakota and surrounding states. The two firms are made up of experienced trial lawyers who have actually tried oil & gas cases.

Williams, PLLC partners have represented major operators and service companies involved in the oil & gas business not only in Texas but all over the world. Pagel Weikum has not only handled major oil & gas litigation in North Dakota, but their partners are experienced trial lawyers who have extensive knowledge of both North Dakota law and the North Dakota legal system.

When you hire Williams, PLLC and Pagel Weikum, you get the best of both worlds. You get the extensive oil & gas knowledge both firms possess, and you get experienced trial lawyers who have a proven track record in oil & gas litigation. If you hire our firms, you as the client won’t have to explain why an oil or gas well has to have a surface cement job or why it is required to seal the well. You won’t have to explain what a wireline plug is or why “packers” aren’t football players who live in Green Bay.

Our lawyers have been involved in coil tubing, snubbing, cementing and fishing cases. We know the difference between fishing with a rod and reel and fishing with a wireline. Williams, PLLC partners have been involved in representing Halliburton and its related companies, both in the United States and overseas. CESW partners have represented major oil & gas operators both in the United States and overseas, such as Mobil Oil Corporation and its subsidiaries such as Mobil Producing Texas & New Mexico, Inc., as well as Chevron U. S. A. and Texaco, Shell and Pennzoil Exploration and Production, Inc. When representing injured oil field workers, this experience provides the attorneys at Williams, PLLC a unique knowledge of how these companies think and work.

Pagel Weikum is not only experienced in litigating oil & gas cases in North Dakota but has had extensive success in representing accident victims in all types of cases throughout North Dakota. Pagel & Weikum knows North Dakota law and brings tenaciousness to the representation of accident victims that more than matches that of the oil company’s attorneys. Pagel & Weikum is Dakota Strong.

Williams, PLLC has never backed down from a good fight. Williams, PLLC is Texas Tough.

Williams, PLLC and Pagel Weikum: together TEXAS TOUGH & DAKOTA STRONG. Providing experienced representation to injury and wrongful death victims of oil field accidents, burn accidents, trucking accidents as well as damage to landowners by the oil & gas industry.

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