Texas tough, Dakota strong

Pagel Weikum - Attorney at Law

North Dakota Oil Field Injury Lawyers

Williams, PLLC and Weikum Law, PLLC have the experience to handle serious oilfield accidents anywhere in the world. With the increase in drilling operations, not only in North Dakota’s Bakken formation but in Texas in the Eagle Ford shale and other oil and gas formations across the state, we have seen a virtual explosion in the number of blow-outs, fires and resulting serious injuries, burns and deaths. Williams, PLLC is not a “Johnny-come-lately” firm with regard to oilfield injuries. Our lawyers have years of experience handling oilfield cases.

Williams, PLLC partner Justin L. Williams has been involved for almost thirty years in litigating serious blow-out, burn and death cases not only in Texas, but in North Dakota as well. For years Mr. Williams defended these very same type cases all over the world for the largest oil companies and service companies in the industry. Mr. Williams has been hired by and successfully tried cases for Halliburton Energy Services and Halliburton’s affiliated companies, Otis Engineering and Brown & Root. Mr. Williams also successfully tried and handled major oilfield litigation for Mobil Oil Corporation, Mobil Producing Texas & New Mexico, Chevron U. S. A., Pennzoil and Western Atlas. Mr. Williams was the lead attorney in the largest blow-out of the 1990’s, the onshore equivalent of 2010’s BP blow-out, the “DEEPWATER HORIZON” when he represented Halliburton in the “BIGHORN 3” blow-out and explosion outside Casper, Wyoming. Mr. Williams has also successfully defended Halliburton Nigeria and Halliburton Trinidad, as well as Mobil Nigeria LTD.

For the last 10 years Mr. Williams has brought the experience and knowledge he gained representing defendants and what he learned about the industry from surface cement to wireline, fishing to snubbing, BOP’s to choke manifolds, drilling underbalanced to mud additives, to work on cases on behalf of injured workers. Williams, PLLC has the unique experience of having its partners on both sides of major oilfield injury cases when years ago, as a defense lawyer, Mr. Williams defended both Halliburton and Mobil.

Williams, PLLC has successfully tried numerous oilfield cases. Their knowledge of the industry gives them an advantage over other plaintiff’s firms and gives you an equal playing field with the large firms who represent the defendants in major accidents. Williams, PLLC has a proven track record when it comes to settling or trying serious oilfield cases. Most importantly to you as the client, we not only will work to have your case tried or settled within 12 months, but we will make sure you the client are happy with the settlement or we will try your case for you. Our experience and track record gives you an advantage in getting your case settled but our respect for you as our client means we don’t settle unless you are satisfied with the result. We are unlike other Plaintiff’s firms who work to get the best settlement possible then “sell” you the client on that settlement. We believe we truly represent you, the client.

When you or a loved one comes in for a free consultation you will not have to explain oil field terms to our lawyers, we understand the different operations involved in drilling, producing and re-working a well and the dangers inherent in those operations. We take that knowledge and either obtain a settlement you are satisfied with, or we will try your case.

Attorney Justin Williams is licensed in North Dakota. We represent Plaintiffs who have claims in North Dakota on a case-by-case basis in conjunction with experienced North Dakota lawyers. Visit our web site again in the near future to view the arrangements we are making to ensure our North Dakota clients have the best of both worlds. We combine the best of our oilfield experience with some of the best trial lawyers in North Dakota to bring clients what we call “Texas Tough-North Dakota Strong”.

If you or a family member or friend has been injured in an oil field accident, call us at 361-885-0184 and speak with Justin Williams today. There are statutes of limitations which control the time frame in which you must bring suit that apply to every jurisdiction. Call us as soon as possible to ensure your case has the attention it deserves in a timely manner.

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