Texas tough, Dakota strong

Pagel Weikum - Attorney at Law


The enormous amount of oil truck traffic in the Bakken field is a sign of the bustling prosperity of the Bakken. Sadly it too often comes at a terrible price for the victims of accidents involving oil trucks.

These trucks have enormous size and weight making them difficult to control and requiring their drivers to exercise vigilance and caution. Unfortunately the business of the oil field is measured in speed and time – at the expense of vigilance and caution.

The victim pays the price for this tradeoff with serious injuries, staggering medical bills, wage loss and often with his or her life.

Weikum Law, PLLC and Williams, PLLC have extensive experience handling these oil truck accidents. We understand the rules governing the operators and owners of the oil trucks. We understand the short cuts the operators and owners of the oil trucks take to circumvent those rules. We understand the catastrophic impact these accidents have on you and your family. We understand how to make it right.

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