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Judgment in Favor of Brandy Overcash

Williams, PLLC partner Justin L. Williams and Weikum Law, PLLC attorney Jeff Weikum tried the case of Overcash vs. Jones Contractors, Inc. et al in Federal District Court in Bismarck, North Dakota, from Monday, December 5, 2016 until closing arguments and submission to the jury Friday, December 10, 2016. The jury returned a special verdict on […]

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Justin Williams Quoted in Bakken Politico Article

Williams, PLLC partner Justin Willams was quoted in a June 2015 Politico article about the dangers Bakken oil field workers face every day. The investigative article, titled ‘Workers Are Paying for Cheap Gas With Their Lives’ can be found here. An excerpt: On average, someone dies about every six weeks from an accident in the […]

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Power struggle: The perilous price of America’s energy boom

Jeff Weikum, our North Dakota partner, and Justin L. Williams were interviewed for over 4 hours for the print, radio and TV versions of this story. Williams, PLLC and Pagel Weikum are committed to making the Bakken and all oil fields safer for workers and their families.

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Bakken Oil Field Truckers not in North Dakota “for the Scenery”

The Star Tribune’s Maya Rao offers a great look into Bakken oil field truckers hauling heavy. An interesting excerpt: “You have to go heavy just to keep up with the wells,” said Jesse Scheffler, who once got a $3,000 ticket for driving a truck that was 20,000 pounds overweight. “We didn’t come to North Dakota […]

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Why Do Blowouts Occur?

Literally thousands of oil and gas wells are drilled in the United States and around the world, and only a “few” blowouts or explosions occur each year. Why is the industry able to drill so many wells safely, and what happens on those occasions where a well does blow-out? First, “safe drilling practices” have resulted […]

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Rise in Oil Field Injuries

In 2006 almost half a million people in the United States worked in jobs related to the oil & gas industry and another 400,000 workers were employed in drilling on both offshore and land drilling and work-over rigs. The growth of the oil and gas industry has correlated with an increase in the rates of […]

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What Causes a Blow-Out When Drilling an Oil or Gas Well?

Thousands of oil and gas wells are drilled in the United States, offshore or overseas every year. Despite the fact that most are drilled into “high-pressure” zones of hydrocarbons, almost no blow-outs or explosions occur during drilling operations. What causes the blow-outs or explosions that do occur? The first thing to consider when thinking about […]

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Oil Field Drilling and Production Lawsuit Experience

When you face the IRS in a negotiation over unpaid taxes, you hire a CPA and a Tax Lawyer; you hire the most experienced, the most knowledgeable and the most successful ones you can afford. You don’t hire a CPA that specializes in “new business start-ups” or a Tax Attorney who specializes in overseas investments. […]

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Work-Over Rig Explosion Case Settled

Williams, PLLC partner Justin L. Williams and Pagel Weikum partner Jeff Weikum successfully represented the parents of a 21-year-old Wisconsin man killed at an explosion on a work-over rig in North Dakota. The confidential settlement obtained by Williams and Weikum is believed to be one of the largest of its kind in North Dakota history. […]

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